Welcome Spring Into Your Home

1. Add fresh drapery panelsA simple pair of lightweight panels moves with little effort and filters light. Or think about sheers in today's punchy patterns and colors.  2. Natural ShadesAs you can see in the photo above, grass, reeds and other fibers and textures create a distinctly natural             look that will complement any room. 3. Update PillowsLet the fur pillows rest for the season.  Bring out the cottons and linens with fresh floral and geometric patterns and lighter, brighter colors.  Go a little wild here. 4.  Paint a Fresh Color.  Nothing freshens up a room like a new coat of paint.  Gray. And it covers a wide range of hues, which span soft gray to charcoal to hematite, and gain interest from metallic and pearlescent accents.  Green continues to gain strength from its association with the growing shift toward eco-consciousness. It will show up in everything from fabrics to accessories to countertops. 5.  Revive Old FurnitureConsider taking that old, stained dresser or table and refinishing it with chalk paint for a vintage, distressed look.  A new, lighter color will give the whole room a pick-me-up.  

Add some fur to your home

 1. Add It To A Space That Needs TextureIf the room looks just a bit too neat and tidy, add a sumptuous, cozy look with fur pillows, fur rug or a fur throw. 2. Limit It To One Or Two ItemsIt's easy to go overboard with fur, so be sure to add just one or two fur elements to the room. When in doubt, go with less so the look isn't too heavy or too rustic. 3. Look At The Tone And Fur LengthLook for fur that has tone variations and longer fibers so it looks more real.  Go for natural tones instead of stark white. 4. Pair It With The Right MaterialsFaux fur is especially adept at making a cool, modern space cozier.  Pare it with a variety of materials, ranging from silks to velvets to heavy wool. 5. Place Faux Fur Somewhere People Can Touch ItHaving something in your space that's soft is appealing and makes people want to go into the room and touch it.  Keep faux fur in easy-to-reach places, whether it's a fluffy rug in a high-traffic part of the room or a blanket within easy reach.

Insulate your home with window treatments

Window treatments add layers of fabric at the window to deflect frigid air or blazing heat. They can make your rooms more comfortable and improve the energy efficiency of your home. On the flip side, if window treatments are designed to open as much as possible, cool breezes can circulate through open windows on balmy days. Through the use of lining and interlining, soft window treatments can absorb sound and buffer street noise, making a significant difference in how your home feels to your family and guests. We've all been in noisy restaurants with hard surfaces everywhere - they lack fabric window coverings, upholstery or carpets to absorb sound. The same principle applies to the rooms in your home. Draperies that are interlined offer the maximum noise absorption. Window treatments that provide privacy are especially important in bedrooms, baths and dressing areas for obvious reasons. They help create a feeling of intimacy in the master bedroom.‚Äč