— Why Hire Us —



  1. We've been in business over three decades and have a reputation for quality products and services.
  2. We’re a service-oriented business and are there for you long after the sale.
  3. We take a personal interest in each decorating project. We know our customers.
  4. We take responsibility for anything we measure. If something’s wrong with an order, we’ll simply take care of it.
  5. We specialize in window coverings and know that business inside and out.    
  6. We use only professional installers and contractors. 
  7. We have a great customer rewards program for referrals.
  8. We support our local community with donations of cash, product and time.
  9. We’re a locally owned family business. So your money stays local.
  10. Our customers enjoy one-stop shopping, which saves them time, money and frustration.